Strengthening resilience and self-organization with permaculture principles


At the invitation of the Consulate General St. Petersburg, I had the honor to speak about my work in the field of human resources and organizational development with a focus on permaculture design as part of a German-Russian evening. The topic of my pandemic digital presentation was how permaculture working principles can be used to strengthen resilience in teams and organizations.

Holistic observation, flexible planning and responsible action are among the fundamental permaculture principles. While this may sound familiar at first, a closer look at systemic permaculture ways of working reveals important distinctive features that have the potential to make a big difference. They offer valuable impulses for our everyday leadership and management – especially in these crisis-ridden times.

I was very pleased that the working methods presented met with such a positive response from this diverse group of 35 participants.  Thank you once again to Consul General Dr. Eltje Aderhold for the invitation to the lecture.