“What drives me? 
The prospect of creating sustainable added value.”

I accompany development and transformation processes:

– As a longtime experienced internal and external personnel and organizational developer, I value holistic strategic systemic concepts.

– As a trained systemic process consultant in Gestalt therapy and Gestalt pedagogy, I pay attention to the analysis of resistance that opposes contact, insight and change.

– As a Perma-Kultur designer I will introduce you to the possibilities of sustainable design principles for the strategic development of teams and organizations.

– As a passionate democrat, I strengthen the ability to live in community and solidarity within institutions, organisations and civil society.

Since 2002 I have been working independently as a consultant and coach. I appreciate the freedom that this form of work brings with it. Currently I use this to deal more intensively with my favourite development topics: The exploration and further development of pattern language, the promotion of more deep democracy, participation and community building also within organisations, the unfathomable depths of group dynamics and construction of our perception, as well as sustainable development according to the design principles of permaculture.

In 2010 I was co-founder of compassorange GmbH – agency for contemporary personnel and organisational development. For ten years, I was the managing director and co-creatively promoted the establishment and development of the business segments and worked with our team in a wide variety of corporate and organisational contexts. To this day I am associated with compassorange as a cooperation partner.

For five years I developed and implemented a holistic concept of personnel and organisational development for a parliamentary group in the German Bundestag. Working in this highly complex system has refined my knowledge in managing profound and sustainable change processes. As a result, I am very familiar with the special challenges of commitment, motivation and attitude that this work entails under great time pressure to achieve results and constant public observation. My work focuses on potential analyses, conception of personnel development programs, promotion of young talents, development of dialogue competence, cultural change projects, coaching, moderation and consulting.

I gained my first professional experience as an advisor to the board of directors in a political foundation that had just merged: A didactic play about the challenges of the merging of working cultures in East and West, about established work processes, the importance of spatial design issues, the challenges of merging different software programs or introducing new ones, the group dynamics within an organization, and the development of new policy fields (including diversity).

My attitude as a process consultant and coach is characterized by a three-year process consulting training in Gestalt therapy and Gestalt pedagogy (IGG Berlin) with a focus on organizational consulting (trainers include Dr. Wolfgang Looss, Richard Timel, Prof. Dr. Rudi Wimmer).

I have continuously deepened and developed my skills with various further training courses in the field of group dynamics (Tavistock/England), the systemic teachings of the Learning Organisation (Senge), innovation theories (Scharmer/ Theory-U and Design-Thinking), dialogue process design (Timel/Vienna; Frischer Wind/Switzerland) and mindfulness practice (Zen Klausen in the Eifel).

In my permaculture design training I learned that there are attractive and original design perspectives for both social and ecological questions of sustainability. These perspectives can also be used profitably for the development of groups and organisations.

As a graduate political scientist (Otto-Suhr-Institut Berlin), my heart beats for strengthening our democracy and participatory processes – also in companies. The question of how these processes, often perceived as strenuous, can be made easier and more productive in a diverse society, is still part of what I offer today.

Award for “Best Practice” from the Confederation of German Employers’ Associations (BDA) and the Stifterverband für die deutsche Wissenschaft for the program “Unternehmung Learning Journey”, which I designed for the Department of Educational Sciences/Key Competences at the University of Duisburg-Essen. Cooperation partners*: Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Stark (Essen University), Dr. Claudia Neusüß (Berlin), Dr. Wolfgang Looss (Darmstadt)

My work meets quality standards according to the rules of the German Society for Supervision (DGSv), which includes regular coaching, intervisions, evaluations/feedback and continuous further training.