Diversity of sectors and levels. Good relationships and tailor-made teams.



The work experiences and contexts in which I move are diverse. Cultural fears of contact are strangers to me. I am hard to impress, but easy to inspire. I meet people with openness and appreciate a variety of perspectives. This has given me many interesting consulting experiences in recent years: from top manager to celebrity artist, from state secretary to activist group. My clients appreciate this breadth of my experience and my consulting repertoire as an enrichment.

Discretion is more important to me than namedropping. I would be happy to provide you with exemplary references and projects personally and with reference to your particular development concern: Contact

My clients* come from the following areas:

– Political organisations (Bundestag, state parliaments, EU, ministries, local, state and federal levels, party leadership)

– Interest groups (trade unions, NGOs, political parties, (welfare) associations, clubs, consumer protection organisations), institutions (administration, research and educational institutions, project management)

– NGOs Civil society (associations, foundations, activists, development cooperation, human rights, ecology)

– Economy (small and medium-sized enterprises, trade, start-ups (IT), crafts (construction industry), social enterprises from the health and care sector, hotel and catering industry)

– Media and culture (print and digital publishers, communication agencies, film and music industry)


Mutual trust, transparency, freedom and reliability are important to me in my client and working relationships. I love tailor-made work. This also includes tailor-made teams. Professionalism and commitment are not a question of the size of an organisation. As a networker, I enjoy the variety of opportunities and personal contacts to put together exactly such tailor-made teams for you.

My cooperation partners*:
Democracy Lab/Progressives Zentrum
Green Campus
KSO-Beratung Berlin
Looss Consult – Praxis für Management und Organisationsberatung
music thinking – Christof Zürn
Steinbeis Center for Innovation and Sustainable Leadership – Wolfgang Stark
thum associates
zufkunftsfähig e.V.