Team development with double sustainable benefits

Strengthen the resilience of your team and our ecosystem in equal measure

In cooperation with zukunftsfähig e.V., I offer you a team action that has an even more lasting effect than mere reflection and talking about ourselves and is therefore doubly meaningful: We plant trees as a team action and let ourselves get inspired by the holistic design principles of permaculture for the development process as a team. Team spirit is created when everyone is united behind a common task. By planting trees together, we create something that will stay and flourish, as a significant contribution to our ecosystem and as a unifying, insightful experience for the common everyday work: corridor enrichment in the literal sense of the word. Action and accompanying dialogue remain in a healthy relationship, because the green thumb replaces the moral index finger. Holistic thinking, planning and acting strengthens the resilience of your team and organization. Strengthen your community and ecosystem!