Positive Leadership for Vibrant Organisations

Designing processes with PERMA-Lead 360°Feedback

Functioning feedback processes perform like oxygen on the vitality of organisations. Agile organisations in particular need cooperative leadership and sustainable team structures. Yet many teams and leaders shy away from feedback, especially if they think they have to convey or receive “difficult messages”. Deficit-oriented evaluation standards often contribute to the fact that feedback conversations and 360° feedback processes are missed, avoided or even feared in the practice of many institutions and companies. The Positive Leadership approach shows evidence-based ways to increase satisfaction, motivation and thus productivity of teams with the appreciative principles of PERMA Lead.We want to get to the bottom of the beliefs of good leadership:

  • Why is leadership via “Facts, Force, Fear” a discontinued model, even though it is still part of the sad practice in many organisations?
  • Is it not the task of leadership to clearly address problems and to say what is not going well?
  • Doesn’t positive leadership run the risk of fostering an atmosphere of harmony sauce, where nothing critical is allowed to be addressed and every failure is dressed up as a success?
  • And how can 360° feedback contribute to making it more difficult for narcissists to rise in organisations?

I would be happy to give a short introduction to working with Positive Leadership and share practical experiences with the PERMA-Lead model: How can the principles of Positive Leadership be made tangible? How can behavioural changes in the sense of Positive Leadership be promoted and measured with the PERMA-Lead Model? What added value can tools such as the PERMA-Lead Profiler and the PERMA-Lead 360° Feedback bring? And where are the limits of this approach?

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