More rhythm in everyday life instead of deadline stress

Rituale? Rituale!

Rituals? For some, this sounds like a boring ceremonial speech or a tiresome obligatory event: a birthday drink, a Christmas event or an anniversary celebration. But what distinguishes a meaningful ritual from a meaningless, ritualistic routine? How can it contribute to the dramaturgical design of your daily work routine? What potential does a dramaturgical design of your daily work routine offer? Rhythmization and rituals help to bring your processes into flow and to promote potentials in your organization. Counteract the stress of deadlines with rhythm! Personal and organizational routines can be large or small, formal, ceremonial or informal. As a coach and keynote speaker, I see many opportunities to promote the development of potential in your organization with coherent rituals and a rhythmization of your process flows. Rhythm replaces power. Use these possibilities to make implicit knowledge more fruitful in your organization.