Strengthen effective cooperation, empathy and team collaboration



Do you experience the vitality of diversity as a blessing? Or is it just a steep challenge for your team development process? With an appreciative sensitization for diversity of perspectives we can create the conditions for differences to unfold their potential. I support you in recognizing and experiencing connectedness, by strengthening empathy for each other in order to reduce possible areas of tension.

My concern is to develop the ability to contact and cooperate in groups or systems and to convey the creative, new possibilities of community building contained therein. Harmony in a team has a positive effect on motivation – if there is room for negotiation of differences.

I believe in the necessity for and appreciate the power of cohesion and solidarity within community, in our society and its organisations. I illuminate behaviour patterns and identify tangible design possibilities. I create enriching meeting spaces and connections between people. Beyond hierarchies and milieus I open up access to diversity.